Emergency Medical Services

Meriwether County Fire & Rescue

The Meriwether County Board of Commissioners is committed to ensuring that the County’s Department of Fire/Rescue provides our citizens with the best Fire and Emergency Medical Services response possible. We fully understand the importance of maintaining excellent service protection for our citizens, our visitors, and the vast county resources and historical elements. We work to be the best department we can

Currently Meriwether County Fire Rescue serves a response area of 506 square miles in the county for Fire and EMS response. The department protects approx. 23,000 citizens in Meriwether County. As the only ambulance service in Meriwether County, the department answers emergency and non-emergency calls. The department has a fleet of six ALS transport units of which 4 are active in-service 24/7.Meriwether County Department of Fire/Rescue is committed to providing efficient, effective and professional public service to all residents and to those who work in and visit the county.