E-911 / Public Safety Communications


When you have an emergency, E-911 is likely your first call for help. When a telecommunicator receives a call, he or she quickly determines the situation and notifies the police or fire department in the city or unincorporated area in the county where the emergency is occurring. The telecommunicator also notifies emergency medical services and other first911 Logo 06.22.2021 responders as needed.

Communications Division

The Communications Division is located in Greenville and provides communication services for the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office, Greenville, Roosevelt Institute and Warm Springs Police Departments, Meriwether County Fire Rescue, and Manchester Fire Department. 

Each time there is a request for help, the information is entered into the Computer Aided Dispatch system (CAD). This generates what is known as a CAD Event. The communications center is a necessary link between the person with the problem and the personnel who can help resolve it most effectively. 


It is the primary goal of the communications center to obtain and transfer necessary information in a timely and efficient manner. Accomplishing this goal will ensure the effective management of Fire Rescue apparatus and law enforcement units in their response to the public’s need in the least amount of time.

"As a dedicated communications unit we will continue to provide professional services to our community with compassion to provide help, save lives, and strive to make a positive difference."