Ems Stations

As the only ambulance service in Meriwether County, the department answers emergency and non-emergency calls. The department has a fleet of six ALS transport units of which 4 are active in-service 24/7.Meriwether County Department of Fire/Rescue is committed to providing efficient, effective and professional public service to all residents and to those who work in and visit the county.  

Medic 1 

M1 Station 1Medic 1 is located at 59 Hill Haven Rd. Greenville, Ga. 30222

Medic 2

M2 Station 2

Medic 2 is located at 155 E Oak St. Luthersville, Ga. 30251

Medic 6

Station 6Medic 6 is located at 19153 Highway 85, Gay, Ga. 30218

Medic 12 

M12 Station 12Medic 12 is located at 3670 Whitehouse Pkwy, Warm Springs, Ga. 31830