Luthersville, Georgia

Located just thirteen miles north of Greenville, Georgia‚ near the Coweta County line‚ Luthersville was incorporated in 1872. Luthersville was named for Martin Luther, the 16th century German Protestant Revolution leader.

Loss of Charter

Luthersville, in 1999 faced the possible loss of its charter. Today, the town that wouldn’t give up is now a thriving and prosperous community. Touted as one of the greatest success stories of the 1990s, Luthersville’s residents were focused on success which attributes to the town’s community spirit.

Economic Development

At the turn of the century, the Central of Georgia Railroad was extended through the town and contributed to Luthersville’s early prosperity. Rich with history and distinctive homes that date back to its time of incorporation, Luthersville beautifully blends its historic charm with modern progress. The town that almost didn’t continue to be one of Meriwether County’s fasting growing communities.