Planning, Zoning, and Community Development

The Department of Planning, Zoning, and Community Development is responsible for issuing permits and conducting inspections for new construction, modifications, and other building-related activities within Meriwether County. The department reviews plans prior to construction and inspects projects at certain phases of the construction process to ensure compliance with local and state standards, and enforces the building, electrical and plumbing codes of Meriwether County and the State of Georgia.


The Building and Zoning Department is also responsible for the administration of Meriwether County’s zoning ordinances. The department provides assistance to the public on zoning issues as well as to the Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals and Board of Commissioners.

Contact Us

To submit forms, or for any questions, please email us at To request a building inspection, please call us at 706-672-6620.


We have integrated Cloudpermit to facilitate the submission of online applications for all building related permits. Although physical applications are still accepted during this initial launch phase, we strongly encourage you to explore our user-friendly online portal. By doing so, you can expedite the application process and benefit from increased transparency.

With the Cloudpermit building permit system, you can conveniently apply for permits and track their status. Additionally, the system allows you to initiate an application and save progress for completion at a later time. You will also receive timely email updates regarding the status of your permit application and have the ability to request building inspections, with the inspection results delivered straight to your email!

Take the first step today by signing up and commencing your permit application using Cloudpermit!

To create a Cloudpermit account, CLICK HERE.

To Create an Account

To get started with Cloudpermit, you need to Create an Account. Note: you will need an email address to use the system.

1: Go to the Cloudpermit site

2: Click on “CREATE NOW” found under the Register for an account column.

3: Provide your email address.

4: Cloudpermit will send an email to the address you have provided.

5: Open the email and complete the registration process.

Note: this email is only valid for 24 hours.

The next time you visit the site, you’ll login using your email and password.

To Start a New Application

1: Login to Cloudpermit.

2: Click the “Apply for a Permit” button in the upper right-hand corner.

3: Create a New Project, and give it a name. Some combination of your address and the project type might be a good way to keep track if you’ll be applying for multiple permits (for example - 123 Park Avenue - Basement Development). Then select NEXT

4: Provide the Location where the work will be taking place. Ensure to change to the applicable municipality (drop-down menu). You can then type in your address, street or roll number, OR you can find your property on the map. Once you have the correct location (it appears under the map), select NEXT

5: Select the Application Type and Category appropriate for your project. Most of the categories are self-explanatory, but note that you would select “accessory structures” for smaller structures like sheds and detached garages. Then select NEXT

6: At this point, you’ll see a Summary. Check if the information is accurate. If you need to make changes, use the “Back” button. If everything is correct, select CREATE APPLICATION

For a full walkthrough on creating your first permit with Cloudpermit, CLICK HERE.